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With a very heavy heart, we are sad to announce the passing of Vincent Alleluia.  He was loved dearly by his family and friends and by the whole ASMDT community and he will surely be missed.  Please excuse any delay in response from ASMDT during this difficult time, and we will do our absolute best to get back to you as soon as possible. 


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If you are pursuing the MDT certification, you will need to purchase the Instrumentation Kit for $5,000. Includes:

  1. Stratus Semi-adjustable Articulator with 5 mounting plates
  2. Six sets of working models
  3. Set of denture teeth
  4. Occlusal plane analyzer
  5. Stones for selective grinding
  6. Incisal pin with mechanical platform
  7. Silicone putty
  8. Plastic pins and burr
  9. Pin clipper
  10. Red and blue wax
  11. Wax for master wax-up session
  12. Home Study Manual, containing information from “Occlusal Correction” by Solnit and Curnutte
  13. “TMJ Occlusion & Function” by Neff
  14. “Introduction to Occlusion” by Huffman and Regenos

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