Testimonial from Vinny Alleluia:


Home Study Course Graduates:


Predicting each case with 100% accuracy.  Can it be done?  The answer is a resounding yes.

ASMDT graduates are getting some of the highest salaries in the dental industry.  And they are landing prestigious management jobs, as well.  Why?  When asked, Vincent Alleluia always said, “We take dental laboratory technicians and help them become Master Dental Technicians.  They learn nature’s perfect gift, the mechanical occlusion and anatomy of the human jaw.  Through hands-on learning, they understand how and why the human mouth works.  In short, they become engineers of the human mouth.”

“Thus, ASMDT graduates know how to have intelligent communication with dentists and earn the doctors’ confidence and respect.  This creates a partnership between the doctor and the laboratory technician, where they discuss each case, working out fine details before beginning the case, and ensuring a functional prosthesis.  And this results in more satisfied patients.”

“With this education, the technician also ensures that his work will not be sent to foreign markets.”

ASMDT’s fundamental and basic teachings came from Dr. Celenza’s work on occlusal gnathology, as well as the works of Dr. Silberg, Dr. Krueger, Dr. Massad and other leading dentists in the industry.

After 25 years of teaching the course with maximum capacity classes year after year, ASMDT decided to make the course available as a home study program.  The program includes nineteen online video classes, books and manuals, models, articulators, and the necessary equipment and instruments.  The video lectures, featuring hands-on teaching of the techniques and methods, help the student learn the course the way it is taught in the classroom.  This home study course helps students to learn in their own space at their own pace.